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Future Shapers

Spring 2023
A 2-month long connected learning program to elevate independent talent and creative visionaries with future-proof consultancy skills at the intersection of impact and business in South East Asia.
Neol x IDEO
In a world that’s heating up, speeding up, and increasingly interconnected, there’s so much that can’t wait—and can be made better.

To solve for this, Neol with its decentralized ‘connected learning’ approach and IDEO with its 31 years of experience as the leading global innovation design consultancy are coming together through "connected learning" to create a more sustainable and equitable future.

Our focus will be across climate change, inclusion, systems thinking & web3 literacy amongst a host of growth opportunities for talent, visionaries and companies today. Join our global community today as we grow in India and South East Asia.
Neol x IDEO

What is
Connected Learning?

Our programs are supported by future thinking organizations. We combine passionate individuals with most critical skills to solve most complex challenges. Check out our upcoming programs.
Learn with future shapers
Experienced, passionate and committed individuals come together as a community through impactful networks and partners
Connect with future shapers
Participants learn and build collaboratively through live classes and asynchronous content. This creates a social, immersive and interactive learning experience.
Create with future shapers
Resultant innovations are supported by future-thinking organizations and reinforced through an alumni network that has ongoing access to private events and exclusive content.

How might we become future literate leaders who actively participate in the transformation that leads to positive change?

The Future Shapers Program

An 8 week long connected learning program that brings together individuals
and organizations to enhance their ‘futures literacy’ at the intersection of impact and business
Independent talent in future shapers
Independent Talent
Develop future-proof leadership capabilities, shape impactful projects and influence strategic decisions.
Innovation Leaders in future shapers
Innovation Leaders
Deepen your perspective about how talent and companies might collaborate to shape impactful models for the fast-changing landscape of business.
Organizations talent in future shapers
Empower your teams to learn new ways of leadership and decentralized collaboration and get up to speed with industry-changing trends in impact-focused areas.

Who is this
program for?

Creative Professionals
Creative professionals working independently who want to shape the impactful projects with their own vision
Leaders working in corporate innovation and strategy who want to explore new ideas and shape impactful models
Consultants working at consultancy firms who want to grow their network, skillsets and deepen their domains of impact

Meet the Neol x IDEO team

Bea Camacho
Design & Portfolio Director
IDEO Southeast Asia
She delivers value across the region through her extensive experience in designing human-centered services and digital products, developing new business ventures, and building innovation capabilities. Bea is passionate about helping companies transform into more human-centered and innovation-minded organizations.
Charles Hayes
Partner and Executive MD
Based in Shanghai, he leads IDEO’s business in the region. An advisor for client executive teams, he helps build strong consumer brands and tackle systemic challenges. He also drives start-up and expert in-residence programs, building networks for collaboration, and developing new models for growth for IDEO in Asia.
Kerem Alper
Co-founder & CEO
As a multidisciplinary systems thinker and serial entrepreneur, he drives the vision for Neol globally and is passionate about equitable business models and scaling community systems. He also leads investor relations and partner initiatives globally.
Karn Malhotra
Karn is a lifelong entrepreneur, brand strategist and has built an Ai tech product in the design space. Always looking for the 'performance' in marketing, he believes strongly in brands built through a community narrative.
Mike See
Executive Talent Director,
A prominent member within IDEO’s Global Talent team, he plays an instrumental role in designing practices that shape employee experiences and growth from recruiting to learning and development. Mike extends his passion for talent to music management and is regularly engaged with public and educational institutions as a mentor and board member.

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