Teams + Impact.

Neol is a decentralized community driven platform that fosters impact-focused innovation.
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Our network

Our Network

We believe that

Impact driven individuals have the power to change the world. And lasting impact is delivered by 'teams with chemistry'.

We activate around important issues, empower all involved to co-create solutions and champion their impact to inspire others.
Our model puts the power back in the hands of communities by supporting them to learn in cohorts, connect and prototype together.
And these prototypes resulting in actionable outcomes for partners and organizations.

Neol is for you

Independent talent at Neol
Independent Talent
Work on what matters to you with people that matter to you. Learn and connect with top leaders from your industry.
Creative leaders at Neol
Creative Visionary
Build your legacy by collaborating with top talent for solving the most complex problems we face.
Work with diverse and passionate teams. Get top quality work, fast without breaking the bank.

Neol Network Map

neol creative power map
The Creative Power Map is an ambitious undertaking to visualize the creative landscape, so that we can use our collective power to better shape the world around us.

Network Numbers

We value highlighting diverse perspectives and unique backgrounds in a creative learning environment. By harnessing this power, we look for ways to allow for learning, connection, and collaboration that are unmatched.


Talent Marketplace

A space that represents the diverse identities and personas
who are motivated to create an impactful future through their creativity
Closed Beta
App: Fossil Fuel Impact on Biodiversity
across Europe
for The World Bank & Gates Foundation
Karla’s Core Team
Independent Design Studio
Catalyst Agency
Data Visualization Studio
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How it works

1. Curation and Vetting

'AiKonekt' has helped the team simplify the process of finding the best talent.
Karla is one star we've zoomed in on!

2. Neol ID

Karla creates her profile on the Neol platform so
that all information is vetted and GDPR compliant
Karla Lindsay
Independent Designer
Neol ID Demo

3. Meaningful Connections

AiKonekt then does it's magic and opens up a whole new world for Karla,
getting her and the project team excited about
all the meaningful connections and conversations ahead

4. Teams with Chemistry

Once done - we have now identified the perfect Team with Chemistry (TwC) that will accelerate innovation and desired positive impact. This TwC shows how companies are matched with the right team members, not just based on necessary skills but also considering their passions, interests and personality traits. The TwC product experience also has a facilitation component, which helps catalyze the chemistry of a team.

5. Talent Marketplace

And off they go! To drive impact in a manner that's significantly more dynamic
and faster than traditional methods - the team and end result ultimately
being showcased on our Talent Marketplace case studies page.
Closed Beta
App: Fossil Fuel Impact on Biodiversity
across Europe
for The World Bank & Gates Foundation
Karla’s Core Team
Independent Design Studio
Catalyst Agency
Data Visualization Studio
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Hire a team

What is Next

Neol on Web3

At Neol, we believe that equitable systems are mission critical to building better futures.
Web3 provides both the technological infrastructure and the necessary social imperative
to build more equitable systems.

Our 'Neol Whitepaper' will detail how Neol utilizes Web3 elements to enable decentralization and scalability.

We will also strengthen our communities’ knowledge on decentralized future of work concepts
with our Decentralized Systems and Business Design program.
  • Digital Identity - Neol ID
    Composable NFT
  • Ownership of Accomplishments
    POAP’s / Soulbound Tokens
  • Access to events, work and courses
Fungible Token
  • Native Payments in local currencies
  • Value Capture from work done and network engagement
  • Decentralized, transparent governance and scaling of
    Neol pillars via Learn, Create
    and Connect sub-DAO’s

Dynamic NFT

One that will change and evolve with every meaningful connection that a 'Neolian' makes

Project Showcases

A few of the projects & programs that have delivered on the Neol promise so far
How might we create signature moments of ease, speed and trust for all things monetary to increase engagement?
How might we identify a new business opportunity that leverage Beko’s key assets, design and validate the concept with data, and facilitate full implementation?
How might we set the strategic foundations for community-building efforts around Dynasty Studio’s upcoming game?

Connected Learning

We catalyze passionate individuals with the most critical skills to solve the most critical complex challenges with our facilitated and immersive Connected Learning Programs.
Connect with Neol
Experienced, passionate and committed individuals come together as a community through impactful networks and partners.
Learn with Neol
Participants learn and build collaboratively through live classes and asynchronous content. This creates a social, immersive and interactive learning experience.
Create with Neol
Resultant innovations are supported by
future-thinking organizations and reinforced through an alumni network that has ongoing access to private events and exclusive content.

Cohort Alpha

What our Cohort Alpha participants have said about their
'Community Design' Sprint experience:

Cohort Alpha Statistics

Project Pitches
Live Sessions
Alumni Events


They are NFT's to honour the dreamers creating the vibrant ecosystem that
energizes the community and catalyzes human connection
Participant Poap
Contributor & Prototyper
Speaker Poap
Fireside Chat Guests
POAPs designed by Bulent Gultek.


“Neol blends play, learning, and meaning. I recalled the very early years of school, where I used to simply be myself, with no layers of what I should or have to do. Being in the cohort gave me that feeling - of just going with the flow, learning as I go, so I can let my garden grow 🌱🌱🌱”
― Hiba Hajj Omar, Human-Centered Designer
“I loved the format and the quality of the speakers, the program, and all the tools used - it was a very innovative and dynamic way of learning and creating together with an incredible group of people. I am very proud to have been part of this experience.”
― Rita Cortes, Community Manager
“My Cohort Alpha journey was unexpected in the best way possible! I gained hands-on experience and met amazing people which once again, reminded me that what matters the most in all that we do are the connections that we make. What an honour it is to have connected with such bright minds and open hearts!”
― Su Sakarya, Content and Community Lead
“I am very grateful for having participated in this very first cohort of Neol. This Sprint was exciting, fun and extremely valuable as we worked on real cases, met new peers and grew our knowledge on this subject: What is the trigger for change?”
― Tânia Alexandra de Almeida Santos, Director of CRU Creative Hub