Our Values

We burn with
Courage, Independence, and Proactivity  

  • Courage: We embrace bold action, recognizing that progress often requires leaping into the unknown with enthusiasm and we are unafraid to take a stand when our values are tested.
  • Independence: We celebrate independence and interdependence, empowering everyone to find their unique path within our connected community.
  • Proactivity: We seek out initiatives that push boundaries and challenge the status quo, infusing passion and heart into our work, adapting and evolving our approach towards the right, best answers.

We flow with
Diversity, Empathy and Respect.

  • Diversity: We seek out multi-faceted, divergent perspectives, knowing that varied viewpoints ensure more complete and considered solutions to big, systemic challenges
  • Empathy: We lead with empathy and kindness, encouraging open, vulnerable communication and safe spaces for disclosure, and when it may be needed, second chances.
  • Respect: We critique ideas, not individuals, valuing human dignity, emotional safety and free expression as core to our culture.

We are grounded by
Accountability, Equitability and Eco-Integrity

  • Accountability: We believe accountability is crucial in all our relationships, and we ask it of each other through our shared values and individual sense of personal responsibility.
  • Equitability: We recognize that true success is collective and therefore fairness and balance are fundamental, guiding principles in our community and team.
  • Eco-Integrity: Our actions blend innovation with ecological responsibility, ensuring our solutions benefit both our community and the planet. We emphasize a symbiotic relationship, where progress nurtures the Earth.

We are lifted by
Curiosity, Fluidity, and Play

  • Curiosity: We embrace environments where questions are encouraged, and the pursuit of knowledge is celebrated, inspiring us to learn and grow together continuously.
  • Fluidity: We recognize that change is a natural part of every journey, and by embracing it, we will best navigate the ever-evolving landscape of our shared experiences
  • Play: We infuse a sense of fun into each endeavor, believing that enjoyment and pleasure foster a more creative, vibrant, and collaborative environment.

Open positions

SaaS Sales Manager
Remote Role with Frequent Travel to the UAE (Timezone: GMT+2 to GMT+4)
Customer Success Manager
Remote (Timezone: GMT-1 to GMT+3)
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