Announcing our $5.2M seed round raise. 🎉

About Neol

About Neol
We are on a mission to shape better futures by giving creative minds the power to make an impact. We activate around important issues, empower all involved to co-create solutions and champion their impact to inspire others.

Our award-winning sister company ATÖLYE has delivered 100's of community-driven innovations - Neol will take this into the 1000's
with a focus on the Global South.

Our belief is reinforced by the backing of investors like kyu Collective, Global Ventures, Learnstart, FJ Labs and Paribu Ventures. As also industry leaders Tim Brown (Chair of IDEO), Tony Xu (Co-Founder and CEO of Doordash and Meta board member), Emin Gun Sirer (Founder and CEO of Ava Labs) and Sota Nagano (Managing Partner of Abies Ventures and serial unicorn entrepreneur.)
Team Neol
Neol vision
Our Vision
We want to find more ways to put decision-making and ownership in the hands of our platform members — a decentralised, “share the wealth” vision that’s core to Web3 companies.

We have a lot to share

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