Creative Sparks #6:

Unleashing Creative Leadership; Systemic Change in Textiles & Beyond

26 July 2023, 3:30 PM UTC
Bringing together audacious creative leaders shaping the world and igniting discussions on how creativity and design can lead to positive change.
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Event Details
In this sixth edition, we are honored to host Christine Goulay, founder of Sustainabelle Advisory Services, and Fanny Eliaers, a regenerative fashion and social innovation advisor.

Fanny and Christine are two transformative creative leaders who are leading the charge to align communication and commitments within the fashion industry.

They will share their insights on how consumer-facing marketing can help support sustainability pledges while addressing challenges like greenwashing and misleading claims.
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Our Guests

Black and white portrait of a person with blonde wavy long hair, wearing black blazer.
Christine Goulay
Founder of Sustainabelle Advisory Services
Christine is a sustainable fashion expert, with more than 20 years of experience working with Next Gen materials, dye technologies, textile-to-textile recycling, supply chain, traceability and impact measurement. 
A portrait of Fanny, shoulder-length dark brunette straight hair, wearing a black t-shirt and black leather jacket.
Fanny Eliaes
Regenerative Fashion and Social Innovation Advisor
Fanny has spent over 15 years as a holistic sustainability advisor, working with prominent brands to change how business is done through design. Her work reaches areas such as sustainable fashion, open innovation platforms, and circular design. She recently graduated from MIT with a Chief Sustainability Officer Certification.
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