Creative Sparks #7
The Purpose Pivot: Brands Beyond Profit

August 17, 4:00 PM UTC / 5 PM BST / 6 PM CET
Join us on August 17th for an exclusive online event that delves into the world of purpose-driven brands.
Event Details
Join us on August 17th for an exclusive online event that delves into the world of purpose-driven brands.

In an era where brands are expected to stand for more than just profit, understanding the dynamics of purpose-driven branding is essential.

At the event, Neol Creative Leaders Alex, Ahmet, and Ana will delve into the intricacies of what it means for a brand to be truly purpose-driven. They will discuss how purpose influences brand positioning, messaging, and storytelling, and highlight the challenges and opportunities that come with it, such as maintaining authenticity, ensuring profitability, and forging impactful partnerships.

To further enrich the conversation, Louis-Philippe Trapanier, one of the winners of this year's Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Good award, will join the trio, sharing his firsthand experience and insights. The discussion will also touch on emerging trends, innovations, and the pivotal role of technology in driving purposeful initiatives.

Register below to engage with our panel and gain a deeper understanding of these topics.

San Francisco (PDT) - 9 AM
New York (EDT) - 12 PM
London (BST) - 5 PM
Istanbul (TRT) - 7 PM
Dubai (GST) - 8 PM
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Our Host & Speakers

A portrait of Alex Pasini, short brunette hair and beard, wearing white shirt under a black sweater.
Alex Pasini (host)
Brand Builder, Futurist, Change & Innovation Consultant
A creatively-driven senior strategy executive, Alex excels in leading multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary teams in collaborative business environments. He played a key role in the Honda E European launch campaign, representing the power of believing, the importance of challenging conventions, and the beauty of dreams becoming reality.
Portrait photo of the speaker Ahmet Akin with short gray hair and gray beard, wearing black sweater over gray shirt, smiling.
Ahmet Akın
Brand Strategist, Purpose & Culture Consultant
With a belief in the immense power of human potential, Ahmet thrives on co-creation and systems thinking. He is excited by the potential of working with teams to uncover new possibilities together, aiming to help leaders create sustainable change in their businesses, communities, and countries.
A photo Ana Salles, long wavy brunette hair with bangs, wearing a green shirt, smiling.
Ana Salles
Creative Strategist | Content Director | Social Media Specialist
Ana is a multi-faceted creative with over a decade of experience in content, social media marketing, and brand strategy. Her portfolio spans diverse industries, including Meta, Instagram, PayPal, Xfinity, and OLAY. Fueled by a passion for creative storytelling as a force for good, she empowers purpose-driven brands through her agency, Magia Creative.
Photo of the speaker Louis-Philippe Trepanier checking their phone, wearing black hat, black coat, black pants and white sneakers.
Louis-Philippe Trepanier (guest speaker)
Brand Strategist
An innovative branding strategist and creative leader, Louis-Philippe played a key role in the award-winning Anne de Gaulle campaign, which earned the Grand Prix for Good at Cannes Lions. At the event, Louis-Philippe will be sharing more about the initiative involved renaming Europe's largest airport with extensive rebranding with a commitment to creativity, social impact, and purpose-driven branding.

The Purpose Pivot: Brands Beyond Profit

August 17, 4 PM UTC / 5 PM BST / 6 PM CET
Creative Sparks brings together bold creative mind shaping the worlds of business and creativity. Register for the event to be part of the conversation on how creativity and design can lead to meaningful impact.
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