Reflections on COP28: Catalyzing Change from the Inside Out

January 22, 2 PM UTC / 3 PM CET
Join us on January 22nd as we speak with Neol Creative Leaders Lisa Baird, Fanny Eliaers, Zeynep Falay von Flittner and Chris Grantham about their time at COP28, where they dove into the emotional and social connections that shape our beliefs, values, and behaviors.
Event Details
The climate crisis is deepened by a tendency in business to address systemic problems in isolation, with a mechanistic, linear, and singular worldview. Our Creative Leaders advocate a 'whole-self' approach, recognizing the emotions linked to the climate crisis and the power of inward exploration.

What you will experience:

This gathering will be informal and highly conversational—we’re excited to share more of what we’ve learned with you all, and we're interested in hearing your approaches to creating new inner frameworks.

Date: January 22
Time: 2 PM UTC / 3 PM CET
Location: Zoom (register below)

Other time zones:
New York (EDT) - 9 AM
London (GMT) - 2 PM
Paris (CET) - 3 PM
Istanbul (TRT) - 5 PM
Dubai (GST) - 6 PM

Your Hosts

Lisa Baird
Présidente, Fraîche Design Thinking and Founding Creative Leader at Neol
Lisa is a business model designer, passionate about creating beautiful systems that work for people. She combines studied observation, high-yield language, and visual "aha" to bring order out of chaos and make life easier.

Lisa is the president of Fraîche Design Thinking, a Paris-based creative consultancy rooted in research, corporate strategy, product innovation, brand expression, and architectural design.
A portrait of Fanny, shoulder-length dark brunette straight hair, wearing a black t-shirt and black leather jacket.
Fanny Eliaers
Founder, Nuway and Founding Creative Leader at Neol
Fanny has over 15 years of experience working with prominent brands on sustainability platforms, from collaborations with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to accelerate the adoption of circular design in organizations, to a unique next-gen partnership between Hyundai and UNDP.

Currently pursuing a Chief Sustainability Officer certification at MIT, Fanny lives by the guiding principle "All We Have Is Now."
Zeynep Falay Von Flittner
Founder, Falay Transition Design and Founding Creative Leader at Neol
Zeynep is a regenerative leader and system change advocate, with a mission to accelerate sustainability transitions by helping companies understand their agency for sustainability transitions.

With over twenty years of industry experience, she guides organisations towards transformational change by harnessing the power of design, futures thinking and sustainability.
Chris Grantham
Co-Founder, Regenovate and Founding Creative Leader at Neol
Chris thrives on guiding teams and organizations through evolving paradigms.

Over the past decade, his focus has been on refining innovators' intuitions and instincts for shared value creation by developing new leadership mindsets, behaviours and regenerative economics, as well as helping people discover new connections and envision novel possibilities for their personal and organizational growth in the climate era.
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